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It all started as a weekly gathering of friends where the evening cocktail was always carefully planned. Two best friends noticed that sippable spirits without adding tons of ingredients were missing from the market, leading to the creation of Cashid Beverage Ltd Co. Co-Founders Carter and Rashid wanted a high-end spirit that could be mixed, sipped, or even taken as a shot— sippable as a cocktail for celebrations, parties, or even girlfriends hanging out. The pair noticed that the market is saturated with sugary spirits or hard liquors and very few premium ready-to-drink “in-between” options.

Daphane Limoncello and Berrycello transport luxury cocktail connoisseurs to the allure of the Amalfi Coast through every sip, whether it’s the perfect lemon drop martini or chilled on the rocks. The premium ready-to-drink liqueur is hand-crafted with Meyer lemons and six-times distilled from corn for ultra-premium taste. The golden elixir is inspired by the sun-drenched citrus groves of Southern Italy, where life’s simple pleasures are savored and memories are made.