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As a young girl growing up near Waynesboro, Georgia, I spent time with my grandmother, Lena. She was a strikingly beautiful woman with southern charm and a presence that would command the attention of friends, family and strangers. She was an amazing cook and host. Every occasion was filled with comfort food, sweet drinks, laughter and good times.

My grandmother would make her fresh squeezed lemonade for holidays and other special occasions. On the mornings of the special days, she would send me and my sisters to her garden to pick the largest and juiciest lemons from her lemon tree.

Our excitement could not be contained as we wanted to help in any way so we could enjoy the fruits of our labor, her special Limoncello Recipes.

She would slice a few lemons into thin slices and place them in a large jar filled with water and honey from a local farmer. She would squeeze the juice from the other lemons and place in the jar. This concoction would be placed on the porch in the sun, and she would let God’s natural way of juicing happen in that jar.Meanwhile, she would make a sugary bliss of water and sugar on the stove. She would add caramelized lemon peels and let this sit for 15 minutes. Next, she would add the mixture from the jar with the simple syrup to make the perfect lemonade for a hot summer day.

We also lived in the rural part of Georgia where “moonshine” was readily available. In fact, My Uncle John, also known as, “Sugar Boy” was a connoisseur of moonshine. His version of induction into adulthood involved having a hefty taste of moonshine. Although moonshine was known for its strength and distinct burning sensation, Uncle Sugar Boy would add nectarines and oranges to smooth the taste.

These two memories remained with me well into adulthood. As Texas became my new home, I was fortunate enough to meet one of my best friends, Taia. During one of our girl’s nights, we decided to try Limoncello as the drink of choice for the evening. It was as if the lemonade of my grandmother and the moonshine of my uncle were magically combined to form a sippable and perfect potion. From the first sip, I knew that limoncello and I were meant to be.

We had the chance to visit the Amalfi Coast and learn firsthand from the Italians how to make the perfect Raspberry Limoncello. This was our inspiration to curate and create the perfect limoncello for those who want the bliss of a liqueur and the smoothness of a vodka. We call it the “luxe liqueur” because you can sip it, shoot it or mix it. Welcome to Daphane Limoncello.



Daphane Limoncello

Limoncello is originally an Italian lemon liqueur made with lemon zest, sugar, and Vodka. We've twisted this aperitif to be less sweet yet bold with a burst of a flavor Florida grown organic Meyer lemons, organic pure cane sugar, and 6 times distilled premium corn vodka


We also offer a unique Raspberry blended limoncello that provides a delightful twist on our traditional liqueur.


A luxe limolier is someone who loves limmoncello and also prefers a luxe lifestyle filled with warmth, fun and laughter. We have invited a premier group of industry experts and friends to become luxe limmoneliers. This group brings the luxe to the limoncello fun.

We seek out beautiful settings, opportunities for great laughs, curated interactions and unique experiences to ensure we use food, limoncello and travel to create a special place and space for luxe living. Would you like to join? You will be getting in on the start of something exciting as we have big things on the horizon.


Noun | a limoncello expert

Our Team


Our brand is led by passionate individuals that demand luxury, excellence, craftsmanship, virtuosity in the art of beverage making. We believe formulating a memorable beverage should be inspired by art and guided by science. Each member of our team brings a unique skillset and diverse background that lends to creative thinking and superior production